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The world’s largest toy fair is in danger

The world’s largest toy fair is in danger

It’s unfortunately possible that the world’s biggest gaming fair, E3, will be canceled again next year, but the European Space Agency still doesn’t want to call it quits.

The drama surrounding the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known to most as just E3, continues. The world’s most important video game show has gone downhill spectacularly in the past decade, as communication with players changed, major game publishers were less interested in the event, and disruptions caused by the coronavirus were just the icing on the cake.

2019 was the last E3 held in the Classic formatSource: E3 / European Space Agency

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which owns the event, also changed organizers last year due to problems, and wanted to hold the show in a completely revamped format this year. On the other hand, the big game publishers had other plans, so ReedPop, which organizes Comic Con and PAX, among others, had to cancel the 2023 show due to lack of exhibitor interest.

Based on what has been experienced in recent years, most players have already begun to bury the event, and certainly not without reason: after one year, ReedPop has already He got up from the tableHe will definitely not participate in organizing the upcoming E3. The European Space Agency, which announced the news, did not clarify whether there will be any form of E3 next year, but according to its plans, it will certainly try to bring back the exhibition in 2025 with a radical revamp.

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