The world's largest offshore wind turbine has been commissioned

The world’s largest offshore wind turbine has been commissioned

Giant blades make one revolution in 6 seconds.

The world’s largest offshore wind farm is already in operation, A . wrote Global Economy Weekly.

Hornsey II wind farm built in English waters, the largest wind farm in the world, is fully operational. The green project It is of great importance during the energy crisis, because wind energy is one of the cheapest renewable energy sources and a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions can be saved with it.


Built 89 kilometers off the British coast, the system consists of 165 turbines, covers 462 square kilometers and provides power to 1.3 million homes. Giant turbines can produce a total of 1.3 gigawatts of power.

Each of the 165 turbines rises 200 meters above sea level, and the blades are also impressive, each 81 meters long. One cycle is enough for 24 hours produce electricity for a house. Since this turn takes 6 seconds, this means 14,000 homes are saved per day.

The wind farm in England will not be the world leader for long, according to the plans, the Dogger Bank complex, which will start next year, will simultaneously supply 6 million households with electricity.

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