The World Junior Championships begins with Hungarian players on Friday

The World Junior Championships begins with Hungarian players on Friday

The World Junior Figure Skating Championships will be held in Gdansk, Poland, March 4-6, with eight Hungarian runners-up.

In recent months, the Hungarian youth who have been speed skaters on a short track have not been bored either, but in the first weekend of March in Gdansk they can undoubtedly prove themselves in one of the most important competitions of the season. Ranking from 4th to 6th is nothing more than the World Junior Championships which could not have been held in Salt Lake City last year due to the viral situation – like many other events in the sport. Representatives of thirty countries are competing in this year’s competition, including a Ukrainian delegation; The only serious missing will be the Chinese national team.

The Hungarian national football team is preparing for the Junior World Cup Source: MOKSZ

In February, all Hungarian eyes were focused on the Olympic production of short trackers, which brought bittersweet moments. Perhaps these 19-year-old freshmen would have been mixed up in the Winter Pentathlon Games In Nograd’s penny, who was able to stand up after the men’s relay semi-finals and subsequent announcements, skated in the semi-finals without error for sixth. A young man from the FTC – who is trampling in the final months of the junior class – is also competing in Poland, among the boys Peter JászapátiAnd the Major Dominic And the Adam GranstowWhile for girls Laura Diana LauraAnd the Somody HouseAnd the Somoji Barbara And the Albert Victoria will represent Hungarian colors; for the latter Dora Szigeti called reserve. national team coach, Krisztián Szabó In the city of Poland, who made a statement in front of the Youth Sports Club before the team’s training.

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“Boys, everyone runs (500, 1000 and 1500 AD – editor) There will be two junior players, and in the case of the girls we will have two competitors in the 500, 1500 and three in the 1000 metres; Who can prove which number will be determined before the race – Szabó starts with the most important information. – Preparations went well, in the last period all team members can work together. We arrived at the competition venue on Sunday, which fortunately was followed by negative tests on our part, so we could prepare for the tasks ahead. It’s hard to plan opponents, we haven’t seen Asian and overseas countries in two years and there will likely be a lot of new youngsters to reckon with since the last Youth World Cup. We’re curious about the best performing in the US or Canada, for example, but one thing is for sure: Everyone on our team has done well, so I’m looking forward to getting started.”

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