In addition to the scientific leaders in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, the former prime minister was also added to the Queen’s New Year’s Eve list of 1,200.

Scientists and specialists active in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in Great Britain are included in Appendix II. Queen Elizabeth tops the New Year’s awards list with over 1,200 names. At the top of the list is Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, chief health adviser to the British government, who has been knighted.

Professor Jonathan Van Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of England, and Professor Jenny Harris, Head of the British Government’s Office of Health Security have also been knighted to hold the title of Sir.

Professor John Wren, chief executive of the British Medicines Authority, received the same recognition. Joanna Lumley and Vanessa Redgrave of the acting world could get first name recognition Dame II. From Queen Elizabeth.

Among the top performers in elite sports, the new British tennis star, Emma Raducano, can now hold the title of Member of the Order of the British Empire. From 1997 to 2007, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Labour’s leader in politics, was awarded the highest honor.

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Because of the omicron, it is located above II.  Elizabeth's Christmas Program

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The British monarch does not have Christmas dinner and does not visit Sandringham, although this is a common occurrence.

Secondly.  Elizabeth's son-in-law is Cofidus, the Queen celebrates Christmas without her daughter

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Princess Anna’s husband has tested positive for coronavirus, so Queen Elizabeth is celebrating Christmas without her daughter.