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The World Cup qualifiers have begun – and we are also betting on the match between the Brazilians and the Argentines
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The World Cup qualifiers have begun – and we are also betting on the match between the Brazilians and the Argentines

Brazil will have a new captain, while Argentina will play with the old names in their first match.

In Europe, they qualify for the continental competition next year, while in South America, the qualifying series for the 2026 World Cup will begin. The tournament is not of great importance, as most of the continent will qualify, but we will see what matches will be held in the first round.

On the expanding World Cup field, 6 of the 10 first-leg starters will qualify, 7th will be eliminated, while only 3 will be eliminated – these are the 3 spots everyone wants to avoid.

Based on the facts, Bolivia and Venezuela would finish bottom of the group, but Paraguay, who start the 24-month-old conflict with -3 units, are not in a good position either, due to the forged Byron Castillo documents.

World Cup Qualifier Odds from South America
1 s 2
Paraguay-Peru 2.00 am 3.50 3.66
Colombia-Venezuela 1.36 4.75 9.00 am
Argentina-Ecuador 1.30 am 5.00 10.00
Uruguay and Chile 1.70 3.66 5.00
Brazil-Bolivia 1.03 15.00 41.00

The big teams will start the series with smooth matches, Argentina and Brazil waiting for easy 3 points. The reigning World Cup champions will play a bets match for the first time since winning the final, and almost the entire successful squad is in the squad – including Lionel Messi.

Brazil’s interim captain, Fernando Diniz, also put together a strong squad that will lead his boys for the first time against Bolivia. This is probably the easiest match of the series, and it’s no coincidence that the Seleção’s odds of winning are 1.03. In the last three matches of the two teams, the Brazilians scored 12 goals, and the only question here is the difference. Neymar, Casemiro and other veteran stars are also in the Brazilian squad, and this time the absentee camp will be expanded with the injured Finicos and Anthony, who was banished from the squad for disciplinary reasons.

In principle, Colombia can also easily beat Venezuela, and we don’t even face bad odds for that. Cuadrado, James and Luis Diaz are also in the home team’s squad, and during the last World Cup qualifiers, 6 points were awarded to coffee growers. Venezuela is one of the weakest teams on the continent, but we don’t expect a knockout.

With 6 teams also qualifying back and forth, the Uruguay-Chile rally might not have the same amount of stakes, but the Paraguay-Peru matchup could be exciting. Peru failed to qualify for the 2022 tournament against Australia, but fifth place will now qualify for qualification in a row. As we wrote, Paraguay start with -3, so you have to work against such a team to make up for the shortfall. Expect a low scoring match.

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