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The word people of the stolen house

The word people of the stolen house

Now they are everywhere, where can you escape them? They will not find you, but they will chase you, trample, trample, and trample you. They are present in the artistic life, in literature, in the church, in the theater, in your bedroom, everywhere where they have nothing to gain. He who is not with them should not be. If you are not their man, then you are not human. Then everything can be done with you. You can get rid of your workplace, you can get out of your job wherever you can go in front of them, they are kicking you everywhere, in artistic life, in literature, in church, in theater, in your bedroom, everywhere. Where can you go from in the wilderness a hermit? Decades ago, there was a term that could be very much loved: ‘home of culture’. She could not love the institution itself, because sometimes it was nothing more than a house in the shape of a cube, where the “popular farmer” who was slowly losing enthusiasm tried not to go crazy in his dreams. But this term can be loved very much as the “home of culture”. He said that and truly believes that such a thing exists and is important: being at home in Hungarian culture. More precisely, being at home where Hungarian culture lives. One even imagines Hungarian culture would wake up at home in the morning, yawn a lot, and start the day with a good coffee. Then she adds Hungarian culture to her daily work. He gives food, drinks, gives air, and gives life. This is his business. Boil for several days in advance and drink tea with sugar, diluted with a large amount of water, with lemon substitute. If you catch a cold, then Hungarian culture envelops you and does not even consider throwing you out of the house. On the contrary, in a cultural house where the Hungarian culture lives, the more people, the more space is available. The more people eat, the more they stay. In the evening, of course, Hungarian culture gets tired too, then falls down, turns on the TV at home, and in the meantime he’s ashamed that he hasn’t picked up a new Hungarian book again – but then tomorrow, so he cheers himself up and sleeps. There are no such homes anymore. It appeared in the house those who will not tolerate anyone but themselves. They stole your blanket, which was spread on you by Hungarian culture, and then threw it away from home. There is a lot, so they devour everything in culture, artistic life, literature, church, theater, leaving no crumbs for anyone else, they hardly fit in themselves – they are very amazed that what initially seemed so broad from the outside, how did you become Too narrow at once? Because of this, the former residents were blamed, shouting that they had taken everything they trampled on. How right they are. The trampled, the trampled, the trampled, the trampled, the humiliated, and the oppressed took with them one good thing left: free air. This is why the strength tends to drown out over time, pulsating annoyingly, snarling, and gasping for air: the energy in your home stolen from you never feels home.

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