The women’s polo team lost a huge battle in the World Cup final

The most important data before the final.

  • After 2005, the Hungarian women’s water polo team was again interested in the final of the World Championships.
  • Then they managed to defeat the United States 10-7 after overtime.
  • This time the opponent is the US team that has won the last three Olympics, and their opponent has only managed to score 5 goals each time in the finals.
  • In the group match at the Tokyo Olympics, Hungary won 10-9, and from that match you can draw your strength against the towering candidate.
  • The United States defeated the Spaniards in the quarter-finals (13-8) and defeated the Italians 14-6 in the semi-finals.
  • Six of the US Olympic winning teams remained, and their most successful player was Stephanie Harralapides.

Attila Peru lost 10-9 to the Italians in their group, then beat Canada (11-7) and Argentina (23-6) to reach the quarter-finals, Australia (7-6) in the quarter-finals, and the Netherlands (13-6) in Semi-final 12.

The Hungarian national team has nothing to lose, as indicated by captain Rita Kistelly, it will be a holiday in their lives, because they rarely play finals. He also said that he would like to enjoy the atmosphere created by the local audience, five thousand enthusiastic spectators. Meanwhile, of course, they will stick to the opponent as much as possible and try to keep them under pressure for as long as possible.

There was a festive atmosphere in the stands, we even saw a participation only a quarter of an hour before the match. Hungarian fans paid tribute to three-time Olympic legend Tibor Benedek, who died two years ago, by raising a large banner during the national anthem.

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First Quarter: 1-2

Vanda Valle brought the ball, we had a man advantage, but she missed, and the Americans couldn’t even shoot. Two and a half minutes into the match, Gréta Gurisatti scored the ball from two meters away from Szilágyi’s pass. Moselman tied from the lead. The next Hungarian attack was stopped, then Rybanska was sent off, and Mosselmann scored his second goal to change the score. (1-2) Alda Magyari’s save and Keszthelyi’s save were absolutely necessary to keep the score at this level at the end of the first eight minutes.

Second quarter: 3-4

Valle put the ball back in, but we lost the man advantage again. We also defended well when they were at the back, and Kichteli equalized from six metres, hitting the ball into the bottom right corner. It was not possible to stop Mosselmann on the other side, he was also hit by the third blow. In the next Hungarian attack, goalkeeper Johnson blocked Keszthelyi’s shot from the upper right corner. However, the goalkeeper couldn’t handle the subtle snap of Gorisati, so we equalized the score again.

Judge Attila Biro and his team did not give up for a moment – Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

Rybanska turned her guns over, but she disappeared under the water, she could not shoot, but the referees did not see any evil play, and when they returned, the Hungarian center was expelled. The Hungarian countered with a lightning movement in the man’s advantage. 39 seconds before the break, Stevens was left empty-handed, not making a mistake from close range. Garda’s shot in the middle wasn’t good, so the score stayed 3-4.

Third Quarter: 4-7

As usual, Vályi won the ball when swimming to him, and the man advantage also came on schedule, but that too was missed. However, Neusuhl found the way to the goal with his ball, and the opponent advanced by two goals for the first time. Szilágyi tried to cut the difference, but Johnson blocked his shot from the bottom right. Zsuzsa Máté was sent off by the referees two seconds before the end of attacking time, Magyari fired a shot from close range with a superb feat, Gurisatti hit the right side of the goal from the counterattack, the goalkeeper had no chance. Currently. (4-5) Referee Margeta did not win the sympathy of the audience when he awarded a five-meter penalty, moreover, seeing Rybanska illegal, he could not return for the remaining 12 minutes. It was a big loss and Mosselmann sold the penalty. On our side, the US defense closed well. The Hungarian goalkeeper was unlucky with Neusol’s shot, because the ball passed from his hand behind the goal line. The American defense prevented the next Hungarian supremacy as well, and the last Hungarian shot hit the post.

Fourth Quarter: 7-9

Magyari started the quarter-finals with a big block, and he neutralized the ball in the short corner. The Hungarian team began to get tired, did not succeed in shooting, Neusol stuffed the ball into the goal from the counter-attack. (4-8) Keszthely’s shot went over the top, Steffens was saved from the post, Zsuzsa Máté conjured the ball into the upper right corner from close range Five minutes before the end, Magyari grabbed the ball, Dorottya Szilágyi scored an additional goal from seven metres, goalkeeper Johnson , who saved 10 saves, the ball hit the net above. (6-8) After that, a long video recording began, and after four minutes, the audience could once again rejoice at this goal. The American attack was inaccurate, as was the Hungarian attack.

Jurisati was sent off, the American captain, Adam Krikorian, asked for time, it was an important attack, but they could not shoot on goal, because the Hungarian defense was closed. Garda’s shot did not reach the goal either, the Americans shot far, Magari also swam forward, and Chistelly changed the score to 7-8 with 1 minute 13 seconds left. Gorissati slipped past his opponent Stevens who was in the center, a penalty was awarded, and Mosselmann converted this result by 49 seconds, it was his fifth goal. (7-9) There was no way back from here, the Kichteli attempt failed, the Americans ran around the clock.

Americans celebrate - Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI

Americans celebrate – Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI

The team that gave it all and tried everything was greeted with a standing ovation by the Hungarian fan base. No one even thought of going home, but a name call was made for the last time with the local broadcaster, Andras Petur.

“We came here thinking about the possibility of winning, we bounced back with honor, we got rid of our mistakes, but we are there on their necks, which is a good sign. The public and the community have been our strength, and we have more than that.”

– He immediately appraised Dóra Leimeter with a smile, who can be happy with the silver even after detonating.

“The American team was at least better, and in the end they got a sentence or two lighter, which I didn’t like. They probably don’t need to, they are a better team than us anyway, they were better than an anthill.

We wanted to win this World Cup, we had a chance. We also made mistakes in critical situations, it would be a shame to deny that our shots were poor and in some man advantage matches, we weren’t at the top of the situation, but the truth is we had to suffer more from the judgments than they did,” Atilla Piro explained to M4 for .

  • Hungary – United States 7-9
  • Top scorers: Mosselmann 5, Neuschul 3, Stevens 1, Gorissati 3, Kestelly Nagy 2, Mate, Tsilaghi 1-1

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