The women's national team deserves to be in the world group

The women’s national team deserves to be in the world group

According to federal captain تشاapa Papus, the Hungarian national team has a chance to advance to the Billie Jean King Cup. The expert believes that the team will have a place in the world group according to its merits, so the goal is to be among the best next year.

According to Csaba Babos, we have a chance to reach the Billie Jean King Cup (Photo:

Anna Bondar (73rd in the world), Bana Udvardi (84th), Dalma Galvi (97th) and Timea Papus (262) will represent the Hungarian colors in the team competition in Antalya, Turkey. It will play against Turkey, Estonia and Denmark. .

“After two years we will be in the previous Fed Cup again, which we missed due to the pandemic in 2020, and we were not interested last year after the Hungarian Federation withdrew from the final event in Budapest, which moved to Prague. We have a huge heartache. The head of the department said at the press event Wednesday. – Serbs are distinguished from our current group, and first or second place is a realistic goal. Members of the national team come to the scene from Portugal, Colombia, the Americas and South Africa, so also because of the change, I hope we don’t have to interfere on the field on Monday, for example against the Serbs. The team is made up of good forces, we want to go to the playoffs in November and then to the world group – I feel they have a place for girls.”

He added that a serious professional crew will also travel with the national team, and gnes Temesvári will also direct the women’s team, but they will also be a physical therapist and fitness coach. This only matters because team members come and go to the big tournaments, and the Billie Jean King Cup is kept in mind so that the Antalya race isn’t to the detriment of their individual performance – and world rankings.

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“The timing of the ITF is not ideal for holding this event, as the Miami Open has just ended and now Charleston and Bogota have the best players, and they are moving from the cup to Stuttgart, Istanbul, under constant pressure, we need to take into account. It is to explain Chaba Babos.It would be ideal if immediately after the match the players travel to Antalya and prepare there. The staff will travel on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday we will see who will need the type of training — rehabilitation, or more mental training.”

He also said that if someone is infected, Amarisa Toth, Adrian Nagy and Natalia Zhabanin are willing to fly to Turkey if necessary.

Speaking about the venue, Chapa Papus said that he had recently visited the Megasaray complex, which hosted the battle, where he was greeted by relatively modest conditions: the slag pitches were not in the posh hotel area, but on a barren, stormy plateau where organizers had set up tents and containers to take care of the players.

In the Cup, the duel consists of two singles matches and one doubles match, and lineups must always be submitted on the same day, but it is possible to change them before the doubles match depending on the outcome. The captain has not yet decided who will send him to the field, because, knowing the lineup of his opponents, he wants to distribute the forces well so that each player does not get too much burden.

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The manager said his daughter Timmy Papus, a four-times Grand Slam champion and three-times world doubles champion, had trouble recovering from her injury at Wimbledon last year.

“Maybe we should have asked the WTA for an injury-protected leaderboard and then he would not have fallen out of the top 200 in the world rankings. Then came omicron, and at the end of the year it turned out that he would not meet with Kristina Mladenovic, before that I was not removed in confusion, then in Egypt her calf crashes.Now he is in good physical condition, mentally in less good condition, and he is currently in a smaller Pretoria Championship.It is strange to travel to the small tournaments again after the big races and luxury hotels, where you have to take a taxi At the airport and looking for a hotel next to the track. Now Timmy lives up to his high income level, and because of his low ranking, he can’t match the top 20 with Jessica Pegula yet.” Listed by Csaba Babos.

In the Antalya match, the winners of the two groups will advance directly to the November qualifiers, while the runners-up will decide the fate of the third-placed in another match. The winners of the year-end qualifiers, which will feature the top three teams in all three regions as well as the nine losers of this year’s qualifiers, will be able to participate in next year’s Grand Final.

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