The Women's Group A World Cup was blown up at the last minute, and we have to wait for the lead for the Hungarian national team

The Women’s Group A World Cup was blown up at the last minute, and we have to wait for the lead for the Hungarian national team

In April 2019, Budapest hosted participants of one of the department’s I / A groups. The captain of Sapporo champions, Pat Cortina, achieved another miracle with the girls this time. The Hungarian national team also defeated Norway, Denmark, Italy and Austria, only from the Slovaks, with one blow. With that, he ended up in the first place, and he became one of the best for the first time.

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To the elite of the world, where you will be able to play against national teams such as Canada, the United States, Russia and the Czech Republic – that is, the top ten teams in the world. We learned in March of last year that the World Cup had been canceled due to Covid, that is, it was postponed to May and then to May of this year due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation.

The tournament was going to start on May 6, we went to a training camp for a week and a half, they worked hard, and they got ready for the big trip. Twenty Alexandra, one of the best players for the national team, told me And that In the early days of the training camp On preparation and the great adventure:

The tournament was supposed to be held in two cities in Nova Scotia, Canada, Hamilton and Truro. Last night came the news The governorate leadership, in light of the health situation, has not yet organized the event. René Fasil, International Federation, IIHF The reaction of his Swiss boss was also sad What happened:

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This is very disappointing newsTo blow up the show a few days before the tournament. But we believe that the right decision has been taken to protect all residents of the two host cities. This decision does not mean that there will be no World Cup this year, since then We owe it to all the players who have been waiting to get back on the ice after a very difficult year. We are definitely looking for a new date. “

Of course, the captain of the Canadian national team is also from Nova Scotia Lisa Haley also noted with great disappointment Developments.

“The girls have been working hard throughout the season, especially over the past week and a half, and Many things were sacrificed in preparation for the World Cup. From a clear sky, the news struck us like a bolt of lightning, I was almost shockedBut it is important that we stay together in this difficult situation, to be a united team. The current job is not lost, we are We will be ready when the World Cup comes. “

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