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The women’s fencing team finished seventh in the Nanjing Olympic Games

The women’s fencing team finished seventh in the Nanjing Olympic Games

Our women’s fencing team is in the top eight again: the team took seventh place at the World Cup in Nanjing.

Anna Kuhn has reached the eight again (Photo: Csaba Dömötör, Archives)

The main goal is to get into the top eight: our women’s fencing team has been doing this for months now, which has worked its way back from the depths and has now reached the point of making the eight table stable.

This is of fundamental importance from the point of view of Olympic qualification, but in order to get a quota, you need to achieve – once, twice, as many times as possible.

According to our current best swordsman, Anna Kon, the team, which is very small, is getting better and better, but precisely because of this, the little things that decide every ace are still missing: “We have a young team, we are impatient, we are hungry for success, and precisely because of our youth, it is difficult to wait for a breakthrough, and it is also difficult to live with failures. I am optimistic, because these eights give me reason for hope. This company still needs to catch up, because I can I can already see that our rivals don’t like to fight against us, but because of our youth, we lose to routine teams many times.”

Anna Kuhn’s eights changed to four on Sunday as our national team of Kuhn, Lilly Boky, Nagy Kinga and Dorina Wimmer reached the eight at the World Cup in Nanjing – the girls played their most important match against the Ukrainians in the last 16.

After the winning streak came two defeats, which meant Anna Kun could fight for seventh place – Hungarian time – on Sunday morning: They beat Hong Kong in a way that had coach Peter Somvai shuffling the cards a bit, and Wimmer was the final man instead. being.

World Cup competition, Nanking
duelist. slim. a team. Round of 16:
Hungary – Ukraine: 45:41 (Kun +5, pass 0, Pukki -1). Quarter-finals: Italy – Hungary 36:31 (Wimmer +3, Bokki -3, Kon -5). 5-8. for place: United States-Hungary 40:32 (Con-2, Nagy K-2, Wymer-4). Seventh place: Hungary – Hong Kong 43:36 (Wimmer +5, Buky +1, Kon +1, Nagy K0)

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