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The woman found a secret door under her house: and she could not believe her eyes when she opened it – the balcony

The woman found a secret door under her house: and she could not believe her eyes when she opened it – the balcony

A woman living in Los Angeles had a terrifying experience when she discovered a secret door in the old house she had been living in for three years.

The trap door opened from a small closet and hid a set of stairs leading into the darkness. Of course, the woman found out where the stairs lead.

Secret trap door

Julia Henning lives in Los Angeles and works as an entrepreneur and voice actress. He was working on building a home studio when he noticed a small glass knob in the corner of a small closet in the house.

Julia was not satisfied with her curiosity, so she pulled the handle. As it turned out, the floor was nothing more than a trap door, beneath which was a set of stairs plunging into darkness.

“The old wooden stairs looked so scary, I didn’t even think about going down them on my own.” she told Newsweek.

A later video revealed that Julia and her friends ended up descending the stairs leading to an underground room – possibly a wine cellar.

“Based on the information I have, the house was built during Prohibition, so I can only imagine that the room was originally used to store food and drink,” Julia said.

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The couple were walking a dog in the woods when something slid in front of them: the horrific sight was recorded

They don’t know what they saw.

Our featured image is an illustration, source: Getty Images Hungary

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