The Wolf Among Us 2 will definitely not be released this year

A sequel to The Wolf Among Us has been in the works for years, and was re-revealed in 2022. At the time, the game was promised for 2023, but as it turned out, the studio didn’t want to force staff to work unnecessary and unhealthy overtime, So they pushed the release to 2024 instead.

Telltale Games CEO Jamie Ottilie is IGNHe told us that while they’re making good progress in the game, there are a few items the team wants to spend extra time on. For example, a major overhaul of some parts is planned, including tasks related to the transition to Unreal Engine 5. Of course, replacing the graphics engine is a very time-consuming process, but, according to the studio, it’s worth it. In order to maintain the look of 2023, crunch was almost certainly inevitable, so postponing the game was definitely the most sensible decision.

The Wolf Among Us 2 begins six months after the events of the first part, which was released back in 2013. So fans have been waiting for a sequel for a very long time, and with such a delay they will have to endure another year. Unfortunately, we don’t get an exact date, but hopefully The Wolf Among Us 2 will be available in 2024, and we can also expect spin-offs, as this has always been a hallmark of Telltale Games.

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