The whole world can be grateful to Steven Spielberg

The whole world can be grateful to Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg knows there are things you shouldn’t touch – and so does the classic shark.

There are few films that completely stand the test of time and are perfect as they are. Sure, a lot of people have personal favorites in this category, but Back to the Future and Jurassic Park, for example, are also works that have been worshiped across the planet to this day — although they’ve been around for decades, current audiences enjoy Its the same way, like the old one.

Steven Spielberg makes a series of one of Stephen King's most memorable books

Steven Spielberg makes a series of one of Stephen King’s most memorable books

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Steven Spielberg’s genius 1975 movie Shark is like this, even 46 years later we can talk about a touching and impressive piece of work, so it’s totally understandable why one of the most defining directors of our time said “no” when Universal Studio said he wanted it recently. One modern processing Made from his masterpiece – under his supervision, of course.

Steven Spielberg seems to know exactly how cult the shark is, because if the studio announces that there is a new version of it, the audience will probably immediately rebel, since it is completely unnecessary (and even obscene) to touch this. Work – for that everyone is grateful. The director may have to take care of his own heritage in this way.

Steven Spielberg isn’t opposed to reruns anyway, as a new version of West Side Story will be coming out soon:

Spielberg's West Side Story Preview - VideoSpielberg's West Side Story Preview - Video

Spielberg’s West Side Story Preview – Video

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