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The well-known voice of the Harry Potter films, Lajos Cs Németh, has died

The well-known voice of the Harry Potter films, Lajos Cs Németh, has died

Actor Lajos Cs Németh, who died after a long and serious illness at the age of eighty-three, writes: Online theatre.

Lajos Cs. Németh was born in 1940 in Carcajo, graduated from the Academy of Theater and Film in 1962. During his career, he has acted in theaters such as the Csokonai Theater in Debrecen, the Madách Theatre, the Budapest Chamber Theatre, and the Turay Ida Theatre. Early years already brought him great success: he attracted attention with his first performance as Rodolfo in Miller’s drama A View from the Bridge, but there were also Romeo and Orlando in As I Like It, and Rosenkrantz in Hamlet, III. Richard in Richmond. Later on, he landed fewer hero and starring roles and became a lead actor in the show.

He appeared in many films, one of his most famous roles being in Márton Keletes’ A tizedes meg a svetli (1965), in which he played Grisa, a wounded Russian soldier. As a dubbing actor, the country knows his voice from foreign series and films, and he has had more than 2,200 dubbing roles.

Jack Geller (Monica and Ross’ father) in Friends, Smoking Man in The X-Files, Why Alaska? In the self-titled series, he voiced the innkeeper Holling. The younger Remus Lupine’s name probably comes from the Harry Potter movies or Freezer from the Dragon Ball cartoon.

In 2013, he was awarded the Aase Award, which is awarded to those who portray episodic roles in Hungarian theatrical productions.

We’ve also seen him in many TV movies, including Bors and Família Kft. He remained a member of the Good and Evil team for more than ten years, and in this regard he said:

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I was happy when I got into the series. I didn’t think I’d be into it for a long time, because at first I didn’t play it for a long time, and after a while they asked me if I was going to play it for a longer period of time. I accepted with great pleasure, especially because these days there are not so many opportunities to appear on screen or in films.

His wife is actress Judith Toth, with whom he has two children, and they were married for sixty years.

In an interview, when the actor was asked about their recipe, he replied: “There is no recipe, it depends on individual characteristics, but the fact that we are moving along the same path, we have common interests, and our work also has an effect.” According to Judit, two people should definitely stick together. With the same thread, this is the only way to stay together. “From the perspective of all these years, we know for sure that our meeting sixty years ago was fateful. We have stood by each other through thick and thin. If I could start over, I would choose this way. We have many ideas in common, which we can discuss specifically Because of this, but I will say here and now that we never got into each other’s shaping! Of course, we talk about what happened in the show, what the audience was like, how the rehearsal went, but we never told each other that I had to do it that way or that he should It’s that way, and we never will,” Judith Toth said.

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