The Washington Post: Viktor Orban's influence does not stop with Europe

The Washington Post: Viktor Orban’s influence does not stop with Europe

According to the American newspaper, the United States also began to follow the path of Hungary.

The Washington Post’s three-part series of articles He declared that Viktor Orban’s influence was increasing in the United States. The paper begins the first part of the series by recalling: In the summer of 2018, in Tosphanius, the Hungarian Prime Minister stated: “We are facing a big moment. We bid farewell to liberal democracy and the elite of 1968.”

The article then moves on to the fact that Viktor Orban started in 2010 “In his nation of ten million, as in a petri dish” You can find it abroad “illiberal democracy”Soon, the Hungarian model began to spread across Hungary’s borders. The newspaper also acknowledges that the dominant political forces weakened in several elections the following year, and instead the Green Party and anti-immigration groups became stronger.

Orbán’s influence is not limited to Europe.”

The Washington Post adds, emphasizing that Orban’s policy is also becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

According to the article, evidence of the growing popularity of the Hungarian Prime Minister in America is the CPAC, which is attended by leading conservative politicians, institutes, think tanks, movements and activists, which will be held in Budapest in 2022 under the auspices of the Center for Fundamental Rights (we wrote about the event in more detail, this over hereAnd the over hereBeside over here You can read more). The article also mentions Tucker Carlson, a Fox News correspondent, who has visited Hungary several times. “Instead of spending the nation’s wealth on illegal immigrants, taxpayers’ money is spent on their money” The article quotes Carlson.

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Opening photo: MTI/Prime Minister’s Press Office/Benko Vivien Cher

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