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The victory of the conservatives in Spain, the far right only slightly strengthened

The victory of the conservatives in Spain, the far right only slightly strengthened

In Spain, the conservative People's Party won the elections with 34.2 percent of the vote, nearly 100 percent. Situations. This puts them ahead of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, which received 30.2%.

The results roughly mirror the initial surveys. The far-right Vox party can count on more states than it did in 2019, but its result of 9.6 percent is somewhat lower than the 12 percent measured in public opinion polls. The smaller government party, the leftist Somar party, won 4.7%, the far-left Podemos party won 3.3%, and the right-wing anti-establishment populist party, A Bulinak Vége (Se Acabó La Fiesta), surprisingly received 4.6%. The liberal Ciudadanos party withdrew from the European Parliament by 0.7 percent.

A to Z country according to Their mandates in the European Parliament will be distributed as follows:

  • PP: 22 (12 states in 2019)
  • PSU: 20 (20)
  • Fox: 6 (4)
  • Summary: 3 (none)
  • Se Acabó La Fiesta: 3 (not found)
  • We can: 2 (6)
  • Citizens: 0 (7)

Spain has gone through politically turbulent years, and the current European Parliament elections have not succeeded in easing the division. The center-right People's Party was the most successful in Sunday's election, but the ruling Socialists did not fall in the deep end either.

The People's Party won the recent early parliamentary elections, but was unable to form a government on its own, and did not find a coalition partner. Spain's Socialist Workers' Party and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez came in second place, but formed a government that included smaller left-wing and regional parties alongside them.

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Sánchez's promise of a general amnesty to Catalan separatists in exchange for government support sparked massive mass protests – the loudest of which was the far-right Vox party, which has good relations with Fidesz as well as the People's Party. Everyone kept their word, including Carles Puigdemont He plans to return home.

Leader of the People's Party Alberto Nunez Viejo at the beginning of May He called him Sánchez called for the amnesty law to be withdrawn and called for early general elections, citing the government's lack of parliamentary support, which prevented it from voting on the state budget, and several of its legislative initiatives had failed in Congress.

In addition, Sanchez submitted his resignation in April after the court investigated his wife's role in a corruption case. In the end, he remained in office, but it was said that one of his goals was to shake up his voters.

Pedro Sanchez casts his vote in Madrid on June 9, 2024 – Photograph: Violeta Santos Mora/Reuters

The fact that Spain was Prime Minister in recent weeks could also have played a role in the election nervous With Argentine President Javier Miley. Miley spoke at a rally in Madrid organized by Vox – where Viktor Orbán also sent a video message – and in addition to flogging the ruling Socialist Party, he also attacked Sánchez by saying he “has a corrupt wife.” The Spanish government demanded a public apology and then recalled its ambassador, but Miley accused the Spanish government of having relations with people who were planning a coup against him. the POLITICO According to Sánchez, he has tried to use the conflict to mobilize left-wing voters, but this could also mobilize far-right supporters.

It is also interesting that according to polls conducted during the European Parliament campaign, Spain is a prime example of the global male-female political divide. One, euronews New poll cited. Nearly 40 percent of Spanish women under the age of 24 are classified as left-wing or far-left, while 30 percent of young men are right-wing or far-right.

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