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The victims are demanding hundreds of thousands of forints from the Bodhi family

The victims are demanding hundreds of thousands of forints from the Bodhi family

Recently, the names of more and more stars have been abused on the Internet. This is not the first case of scammers using the Bodhi family to “make money”, and it is very annoying for them, as they receive a lot of phone calls demanding the return of the unpaid withdrawal amount from them. In reality! A page with their name on Facebook has already been created several times, which disappears after a while and then is created again and again. Csabi Bódi tries in vain to do everything to stop this vicious circle, but he is helpless. You only have one option: try to raise awareness so people don’t fall for fake ads.

We have reported this to the authorities several times, but unfortunately they can’t help. I think the laws should be changed so that everyone can protect themselves from the chain of scams.

We did the same thing recently, getting ready Bodi Guszti’s profile is fake, where our live video is used. They copied our raffle campaign two or three years ago, which we set up. This happened this time too, but in this recording we don’t say what the scammer actually wrote in the post The singer started.

The Bódi family name was not used for the first time in a series of scams. Photo: Gábor Markovics

Tsabi Buddy: “People are still very misled”

By the way, in the fake advertisement, those who want to play are asked to share the video and guess the number that is obscured or slightly highlighted in the post, making sure that it is easy to guess. The lucky one can also win. Csabi doesn’t understand why so many people are still falling for him, while the post itself and the page created are also suspicious.

Unfortunately, people are still very misled. Nobody cares about the important fact that these pages have almost no followers, and the number of posts does not indicate that the profile has been “born” for a long time.

As a result, it happens that people who can be misled provide their bank card details, from which they cheat many by referring the prize to them. while the Margo Body or the Guszti Bodi It doesn’t tell you the lottery rules themselvesAs it should be otherwise, this can also lead to suspicion said the funny star.

Butchery Buddy
Csabi would like to draw attention to the fact that everyone should be extra careful with fake ads Photo: László Szabolcs

Many people believe scammers

Csabis tried to do everything to put an end to the abuse, but every two to three months a new page was created in their name.

– We were able to find out that this time the site was made in India, but it must also have a Hungarian connection, since they try to select stars who have a large number of followers, which means they have a higher chance of more people falling for the scam. We know of a case where hundreds of thousands were withdrawn from their accounts. The problem is that, unfortunately, most of the people are the ones who lose money because they are not in a good financial position and thus hope to get some money for a better life. This upsets us greatly he added.

They have received a lot of phone calls from the victims

the Bodhi family They are repeatedly put in unpleasant situations, and forced countless times to explain themselves through no fault of their own.

It’s annoying because we’re getting a lot of phone calls from these people, complaining that they gave their bank card number, but still haven’t received the money.

There are days when we get 15-20 calls, there are times when he cried and complained that all his money was taken out of his account. I can only suggest everyone to be more careful, because we are so helpless He said to our question.

They are trying to extort money from people with this video. Photo: Facebook

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