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The venue was covered in UV rays, and the members of Valmar had a wild party for their final performance in Pex

The venue was covered in UV rays, and the members of Valmar had a wild party for their final performance in Pex

The boys put on a huge concert for their last show in Pécs.

One of the most popular parties in recent years was held again this year A bright UV party called ULTRA COLOR PARTY, Where young people are eagerly exploring advance tickets.

This year was no different, as the guest stars were among the stars

Valmar and Bruno x Plumber!

Bruno x Plumber, i.e. Bruno Beato and László Toth, provided the fiery atmosphere as the opening band for Valmar, and after a short break Petit Mareks and Milan Falkus took the stage.

During the concert, one of Valmar’s band members, Milo, fell ill several times, forcing him to sit on stage for a minute or two, but a little water helped him a lot. According to him sunstroke received, because of it at the end of the performance He also took off his shirt. Then the screams of the teenage girls became louder.

The atmosphere was hectic, the music was loud, the crowd was angry, and ultraviolet yellows, blues, and pinks gleamed in the dark of the night on the skin and clothes of the young men.

After concerts, DJ – Pump Gabo, Chixy and PureBeat – Carried on the evening atmosphere.

Even before the concerts, fans who purchased “Color” tickets received a free paint that they could apply to themselves to make themselves more colorful.

The amount of paint mentioned that comes out of the clothes is another matter. If detergents don’t have the desired effect, a little soap can do wonders!

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