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The Velvet – Check Out – Limit of 100ml of liquids that can be carried on aircraft has been removed

The Velvet – Check Out – Limit of 100ml of liquids that can be carried on aircraft has been removed

In the future, we can save on expensive mini-package prices and travel a normal amount in some countries.

Although we are used to it by now, some regulations still bother many people when it comes to air travel. One example is the 100 milliliters limit of liquid that can be carried on board planes, a restriction introduced after a passenger tried to make explosives from materials brought on board in 2006. The plan was successfully prevented, and in order to avoid more similar situations, the amount of fluid that could be applied was maximized.

Therefore In order for someone to take all the toiletries with them, they need to check their bags. And if you are satisfied with a little, you should still get the products in small packages, or pour your products into small bottles. This has been the practice at least until now, but in some countries more advanced safety systems have been introduced, which allow up to 2 liters of liquid to be carried on board.

Recently, the UK government decided to reform the airport security system. He gave all of his airports a deadline to install more modern control equipment. Thanks to that, the amount of liquids that can be carried on planes will be 2 liters from now on in this country as well.

“UK airport operators’ investment in next generation security is a huge step forward for the country’s air transport and will bring it on par with the best in the world.

This makes traveling through the kingdom’s airports easier and air travel itself more enjoyable

– said Christopher Snelling, political director of the English Airport Operators Association.

The system has already been introduced at Shannon Airport in Ireland, and similar modifications have been implemented, for example, at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and in some places in America. There is no information yet about when this regulation will come into force in our country, or whether more modern control systems are planned at all.


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