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The vast network of Fides politicians is now woven through this sport

The vast network of Fides politicians is now woven through this sport

Under the Orban government, the state not only played a major role in terms of funding, but over time the elected officials of the state began to infiltrate the walls of sports organizations, associations and federations. Of course, we can say that there is a logic to what happened: the spending of hundreds of millions and billions of public funds pumped into organizations cannot be left to anyone. It is very useful and appropriate to spend when the process is under strict supervision. The described formula seems simple, but in reality, a politician may not be in the best position to properly take care of money, taking into account professional goals. Especially if the person does not have any professional sports background. and after

There has been such an increase in the number of politicians in sports leadership positions over the past decade that a true leader of the profession is as rare as the white crow.

True, somewhere this seems to well reflect the central ideology of the Orban regime: there The state as a leading “giant organ”, the center, and politicians in leadership positions exercise oversight as a kind of claw-like extension of Orbán’s government. But while the state is expected to use different professional devices to consider all areas and create strategies, single or multiplayer outlets for smaller organizations may not bring with them proper professional management.

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The politicization of the world of sports poses more serious risks. It is enough to think of the TAO subsidy system and the biggest winner, the Felcsút Youth Education Foundation. He plans billions of investments in a row, which – perhaps we are not wrong, if we say – the easiest way to accumulate the necessary corporate tax. Over time, TAO supporters, sponsors, donors, and providers realize that their economic benefits can come from donating a portion of their taxes to a background politician, for example. This makes it easier for them to access certain municipal or even government orders, thus increasing the profitability of their business.

Sport becomes a domain of political games and calls for entrepreneurship, and profits if the state and politics gain significant influence in some form.

This state of unhappiness, but blessed in some respects, will now be eliminated by opposition. Ádám Steinmetz from Jobbik, László László Keresztes from LMP, László Varga from MSZP, Bence Tordai from Dialogue and László Varju from DK Suggestion to make a decision “Sports need politics, but politicians don’t.” This would prohibit and render incompatible the role of politicians as sports leaders.

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According to the proposal, neither a politician nor a member of the government, the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic, a local government representative, an official, a member of a county council, or the head of a state or municipal corporation can be the president or board member of a sports organization.

As per multi-point justification, eg

  • Politicians are not doctors either.
  • It goes against the spirit of healthy competition for the leader of a sports organization in his political capacity to decide whether or not to support the sports organization he leads.
  • By defeating a sports organization leading a billion dollar debt (as in the past) he shakes the public’s confidence needed to perform his parliamentary duties.
  • Political conflicts emerge, and sports become a political battlefield. Political communication, political marketing and advertising of success prevail in sports.
  • In international sports, they do not understand why professional sports leaders with a sports background in Hungary appear as politicians. This also sheds a bad light on Hungary.
  • Equally bad is the message that athletes’ communities of people from different worldviews are led by people who are party-linked and thus divisive.

There is a good chance that there is a good chance that the resolution proposal will be adopted and enter into force: zero.

A large network of politicians is now involved

Today, the list of organizations and associations in which politicians occupy leading positions is very long. Eligible to apply for TAO support, as well as professional associations for the 16 most important sports, there is hardly any professional leadership with a past. Even if the president is not closely associated with a party, there are many such people on the board of directors.

football: Although the Chairman of the Board comes from the private sector, Sándor Csányi, Chairman of the OTP, appears among the Board members Eric Banki and Bella DankoAs representatives of vids.

handball: Federation President Mate Cocci, who has no athletic history, but was also a former mayor of the 8th District.

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Basketball: Federation President Ferenc Szalay, is the mayor of Szolnok, but despite his political affiliation, he also has athletic experience, having previously been an NBI player. The mayor of Fidesz in Siksfeervär is also a member of the Presidency of the Assembly, Andras Cser-Palkovics.

Water poloThe president of the federation is Attila Vari, a two-time Olympic champion and world champion. But he was on the board of directors Tamas Hoffmann Fides politicians as well.

hockey: President like georgyHe is also the Director-General of the Parliament’s Office.

And now comes the sport of excellence… 11 out of 16 politicians are among the leaders

table tennis: President of the Association since 2013 Roland Netran, the former head of Eximbank, was Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy when György Matolcsy was Minister of Finance.

Athletics: The association is headed by Miklos Giulai, sports reporter, son of Istvan Giulai, Secretary-General of the International Association, who died in 2006.

wrestling: from 2015 Szilard Nemeth President of the association. The Vice-President of Fidesz, “Commissioner”, is currently Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defense.

Rowing: One of the white crows. The president of the federation is Tibor Beto, a two-time world champion in the sport.

judo: Laszlo Toth, a former judge on the national team, has been leading the federation since 1998. Vice President General Andras Csaba DézsiDr., Fidesz Mayor of Gyr since January 2020.

kayak: Coach Gabor Schmidt became president of the union, and was previously Deputy Director General of the National Sports Centers.

bikeThe president of the association, Dr. Peter Prinzinger is a lawyer and deputy head of development at the Hungarian Tourism Development Agency

skates: Lagos KoussaFidesz representative, former faction leader, former mayor of Debrecen.

boxing: Since December 2018, the president of the association is the lawyer of the Orban family, who will become a member of Parliament in 2018, Istvan Bajcay. The deputy mayor of Heviz Fides is also a member of the board of directors, Joseph Janos Kipley.

pentagram: Since 2016, Giola Pritz has been the association’s president and CEO, transportation and traffic planning firm Uvaterv. vice president Istvan SimekskoKDNP Vice Chairman, Újbuda Member of Parliament.

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volleyball: She has always been at the head of the alliance Ferenc Kovacs, Mayor of Nyregyhaza Fides.

sports shootingLed by Giorgi Nagy, world curling champion.

Tennis: In July 2020, he was elected president of the coalition Janus Lazar, former Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, Member of Parliament Fidesz.

Counting: The president is Zoltán Magyar, the Olympic champion. Vice President of the Association Laszlo MosuzziMinister of State for Transport.

swimming: white crow. The association is headed by swimmer Sándor Wladár.

Fence: Alliance zolt casmba, It is led by a Fides politician who is also the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Ministry of the Interior.

In addition to associations, politicians are also found in sports clubs and associations.

Ferencvaros Gymnastics Club: Head of FTC Gabor Kubatov, Member of Parliament, Director of the Fidesz party.

DVSC: After businessman Gabor Zima and the municipality of Debrecen led by Fides, the owner of the second-tier football team became the newly founded DVSC Sports Federation, which Lagos Koussa Created under supervision.

MTK: President of the Sports Federation tamas deuts, a founding member of Fidesz, Member of the European Parliament for the party.

Sports Federation Mezőkövesd-Zsóry: President of the Sports Federation Andras Tallai, Former Head of the National Tax and Customs Administration, Member of Parliament Fidesz, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance.

Honved Sports Federation: He has now been elected President of the Association for another 4 years Istvan Simeksko, the KDNP Vice President, Member of Parliament, who is also the Vice President of the Pentecostal Alliance. It is only interesting to note that this is a very sporting official, as his name will be on the list of sponsors at Puskas Academy tomorrow.

Balmazújváros Football Club: president of the association good stephan, Member of Parliament Fidesz. The associated football team reached the NBI, but the economic difficulties that arose eventually led to the demise of the professional team. In a few years, more than two billion forints of public money poured into the team.

Kinsey Park Athletic Association, Kinsey Athletic ClubFábiánsebestyén: also president of the Sports Federation and the Sports Club Sandor Farkas, Member of Parliament Fidesz, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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