The first ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to work in Israel

The vast majority of resources devoted to relaunching the economy are now available

He added that the first framework of the in-company training program can be implemented from October 1.

The secretary of state said this would provide support to companies that would expand capabilities, change technology or train their staff.

Laszlo Giorgi summed up in seven points what it means for the harmonious growth planned for 2030; The most important component is the development of the created and built environment. He explained that in pursuit of harmony with nature, Hungary will produce 90 percent of carbon-free electricity by 2030, but no later than 2035, eliminating illegal landfills, recycling as much waste as possible, and recycling all children after Planting 10 trees – included in Laszlo. Giorgi. He pointed out that the percentage of forests in the country is now double what it was 100 years ago, and this percentage will continue to grow.

The Secretary of State said the second element of harmonious economic growth is that everyone who studies and works feels able to move forward. He noted that over the past 11 years, Hungarian GDP has grown by more than 50 percent, with net real wages rising by nearly 70 percent. Therefore, Hungary has received serious criticism from the International Monetary Fund, which is now recommending this Hungarian economic policy to countries in a similar situation, he noted.

The third element is that the degree of progress should be in line with the proportion of work, knowledge, risk and entrepreneurship invested. The fourth important pillar of harmonious growth is the recognition and inclusion of the elderly in social life and the economy, as the global trend is that life expectancy at birth is increasing. The foreign minister noted that this is why the Hungarian government has eased the burden of employment and taxation on the elderly.

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He referred to the recognition of children’s care as a fifth point, stressing that Hungary has the largest family support system in the world in proportion to the gross domestic product.

He explained that the sixth point of harmonious growth is the stability of public finances. Laszlo Giorgi concluded that the seventh goal is to preserve people’s relationship with work, including conditional benefits, and help them adapt to technical development, robotics and the spread of artificial intelligence.

For the entrepreneurial audience, the Secretary of State introduced an entrepreneurship information portal called, which has been in operation for three months, through which social enterprises can access all backed business development opportunities in three clicks. The secretary of state said the system could provide more than 100,000 companies with customized information based on their size, location, and activity.


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