The use of vintage cars is prohibited throughout London

The use of vintage cars is prohibited throughout London

The mayor of the British capital announced on Twitter next year that the so-called ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) will be expanded to cover the entire territory of London. Sadiq Khan said the campaign will provide cleaner air for around 5 million Londoners, as older cars and lorries will be banned from driving on the entire M25 motorway from 29 August 2023. It’s all about the details. The auto portal is called Autocar and the Guardian also in detail Report.

As the change will affect an additional 200,000 vehicles in addition to the previous one, a £110m scrapping program for low-income people will also be launched. In this regard, in the case of passenger cars, the amount of subsidy is 2,000 pounds, which is equivalent to one million forints, and for small trucks, it is 5,000 pounds, which is approximately 2.4 million forints.

The new rules affect all cars with a rating below the Euro 4 environmental protection standard, that is, cars with petrol engines built before 2006, but most interestingly, the limit has been drawn at Euro 6 for diesels. The corresponding diesels, which are arguably quite recent, appeared in the manufacturers’ range from 2016, while in the case of motorcycles, Euro 3 models manufactured before 2007 must be pushed on assembly.

For vehicles with a rating lower than the three categories mentioned above, their users will have to pay a recovery fee of EGP 12.5 per day, while Al-Flash will have to pay a fine of EGP 180 instead of EGP 160, equivalent to 85,000 HUF.

Opponents of the proposal claim that people who live in the outer areas are forced to rely more on their own cars to get to the inner parts of London, since public transport is less developed there. Khan described this as the most difficult decision of his career, and stated that this time he could not put the principle of political expediency first, and instead kept public health aspects in mind.

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