The US Supreme Court may restrict abortion later this year

On December 1, the US Supreme Court will hold a hearing in an abortion case. Procedures have begun to examine the constitutionality of Mississippi’s 2018 regulations, which expressly prohibit abortion after a fetus reaches 15 weeks of age, unless the fetus is in a “serious fetal disorder” and a health emergency.

Abortion ban in Mississippi went to the Supreme Court in 1973, the case of Roe v. Known as the Wade Case, in which judges ruled that US law favored a mother’s right to choose over a fetus’s right to life. Since then, many anti-abortion activists and politicians have tried to pressure the court to change this ruling, but it was not as close as it is now.

This would be possible in the Mississippi state trial, as the state of Mississippi seeks to reverse the 1973 ruling. In addition, there has been a conservative majority in the court since the presidency of Donald Trump. If the justices are right about Mississippi, it will pave the way for all federal states to adopt stricter abortion rules than they currently are.

Twelve Republican governors have already required judges to rule in Mississippi’s favour, and nearly 900 state representatives from 45 federal states to the contrary. (Forbes)

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