The US Secretary of State is confident of the success of Brexit

The US Secretary of State is confident of the success of Brexit

Mike Pompeo has confidence in London and the UK after leaving the European Union (Brexit) – The head of US diplomacy himself said at a joint press conference with British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in Washington on Wednesday.

Referring to the discussions between London and the European Union, Pompeo said he was “absolutely sure” that the European Union would make “good decisions” that would treat everyone equally and ensure a good deal meeting the British will in a referendum.

The British government recently introduced a bill that conflicts with several key chapters of the Brexit agreement with the European Union, which was drafted last October.

Mike Pompeo gave a negative answer to the journalist’s question whether London’s credibility would depreciate its value relative to Washington after that. Our confidence in the UK has not changed and we are aware of the complexity of the situation

He said.

As for the US-British trade talks, Pompeo said he was “very pleased”. He indicated that these negotiations will be crowned with success in a very short time.

Mike Pompeo
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Dominic Raab explained that the purpose of his visit to Washington is not only to reassure trade, but also to reassure the US government and politicians in Congress.

The UK is currently on the defensive against EU action. So far, nothing has been done at this point

– Tell.

Mike Pompeo also covered the topic of Iran at the press conference. He explained that the US government will return to the United Nations to persuade the world body and the Security Council to re-impose sanctions on Iran. He said Washington would file a complaint with BT alleging that Tehran had violated the 2015 multi-power nuclear deal.

“We will do everything in our power to ensure the implementation of sanctions against Iran,” he added.

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