The US Secretary of State criticized the Russians and China

In a meeting on multilateralism chaired by China, Blinken stressed that countries should abide by their international obligations, guarantee human rights and respect the principle of sovereign equality.

“If member states of the United Nations, especially permanent members of the Security Council, ignore these rules and obstruct attempts to bring perpetrators of international violations to justice, the message is that others can violate these rules with impunity,” the US Secretary of State said. He said. Russia, China, the United States, France and Britain have veto rights in the 15-nation Security Council.

The United States accused China of committing genocide to suppress the Muslim-majority Uighurs. China denies any excesses and justifies its actions by suppressing extremism. Blinken stressed at the meeting that no country has the right to enslavement, torture and hide its citizens, ignore their human rights, or carry out ethnic cleansing between them.

Meanwhile, Russia has criticized the United States for holding a summit on global democracy, which Moscow says will create a new elite club on an overt ideological basis. Sergei Lavrov, head of Russian diplomacy, said such a move would only deepen tensions on the international stage.

Washington, Beijing and Moscow agreed on the need for joint action in combating climate change and the coronavirus epidemic. The President of the United Nations General Assembly and several temporary members of the Security Council have called for an expansion of the body in order to preserve its legitimacy. BT repair has always been a topic of discussion, but so far nothing has happened on this issue. So far, the permanent members have fallen short of the voices calling for reform.

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