The US government is going to explode a hole in the moon

The US government is going to explode a hole in the moon

A program known since 2017, funded by the US government but has since been discontinued, investigated not only UFOs, but also special phenomena and opportunities, including those they wanted to punch a hole in on the Moon.

It is clear from recent documents that the Advanced Space Weapons Systems Applications Program (AAWSAP) has focused on studying the defense and military capabilities of technologies, including invisibility structures, interoperable wormholes, and stargates.

They wanted to counteract the violent gravity by conducting nuclear detonation tests on the orb closest to Earth. magazine deputy According to your information The advanced aviation and space risk identification program will also support the idea with millions of dollars. Implementing bold advances is not new to AATIP either, having previously been involved in experimenting with invisible clothing, for example, but also being responsible for designing anti-gravity devices.

The new documents clearly describe this The United States will already test the advanced technologies available on the moon. Some researchers also set out to explore minerals there, using thermonuclear explosives to get inside the celestial body. The story gets more complicated there, with the US backtracking on the topic for the time being, wanting to explore the possibilities on the Moon several times over.

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