The US Environmental Protection Agency is out

The US Environmental Protection Agency is out

The US Supreme Court on Thursday limited the federal government’s authority to comprehensively regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. This ruling undermines her Joe Biden The president’s plans to combat climate change, could limit various environmental protection agencies on other issues – Reuters reports.

Court ruling 6-3 limits the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal and gas power plants. The Biden administration is currently working on new regulations.

The six conservatives on the court were the majority in the decision, while the three liberals disagreed. Biden described the outcome as “another devastating decision designed to rein in the country.”

The ruling is likely to have repercussions beyond the Environmental Protection Convention,

Because it raises new legal questions about the big decisions that federal agencies make. The court’s conservative majority indicated skepticism about expanding federal regulatory powers. Not to mention that if US environmental actions become more modest, they will affect the entire planet, not just the United States.

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