The US Congressional Committee said that China may have committed genocide

Serious allegations were made by the US Congressional Committee on China in a report just released. In reference to “new evidence emerging,” the report states that China may have committed genocide and other crimes against humanity against the Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. Al Jazeera writes.

The CECC also accused China in the report of harassing Uyghurs even in the United States.

Retraining camp in Xinjiang. Photo: Gregg Baker / AFP

China has been widely convicted of imprisoning Uighurs in re-education camps, where they are detained, employed, and tortured on charges. Beijing denies all accusations.

The United Nations says at least 1 million Uighurs are already being held in camps in Xinjiang.

CECC Co-Chair Jim McGovern said that China has destroyed human rights over the past year in a “horrific and unprecedented way”.

Last October Robert O’BrienTrump’s national security adviser also said that “something like genocide” is happening in Xinjiang.

Mike Pompeo The foreign minister also spoke earlier about “horrific and disturbing” reports: They have written about forced sterilizations, forced abortions and other forms of torture of Uyghurs.

Adrian ZenzThe researcher on the Uyghur situation – as mentioned in the new report – has said several times before that the Chinese authorities want to prevent the spread of Uyghurs by all means.

Al Jazeera notes in his article that if China is formally accused of genocide and crimes against humanity, it could also affect the country’s economic ties, as companies will be under severe pressure to do business in Xinjiang.

The United States decided on Wednesday to ban all imports of cotton and tomato products from Xinjiang because they are made by means of forced labor.

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