The US again avoided a government shutdown – for three weeks

The law providing the resources to run the government was passed by senators on a 65-27 rate, meaning the resolution was surrounded by a broad bipartisan consensus (50-50 Democrats and Republicans in the Senate).

The law was passed hours ahead of schedule: if no decision was made by Friday night, the US government would not be able to continue operating. In this case, public institutions are closed and workers are taken on unpaid leave, as has been the case many times before. In the past year, downtime has been repeatedly avoided in the past few hours.

With the new law passed, policymakers will have three weeks: That would be the time to draft another law that will provide the resources to operate for a longer period, until September 30. There is a good chance an agreement will be reached, as decision makers have already drafted an agreement this month.

Since September, senators have used short-term agreements to ensure “the lights stay on” in public offices, and a one-year agreement has been steadily declining since then. Now, however, the chances of consensus are high: on the one hand, there is an election year, and before the by-election, neither party wants to risk a government shutdown; On the other hand, policymakers do not want the problems to be exacerbated by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

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