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The university’s paradigm change has been successful

The university’s paradigm change has been successful

By strengthening cooperation between universities and economic actors, we have greatly increased the country’s development opportunities

– Mihaly Varga announced at the Carpathian Basin Teacher’s Day ceremony at Ubud University. The Minister of Finance also added that the paradigm change of Ubuda University was successful, and today it is already one of the most popular universities in the country, and is among the top 1,200 higher education institutions in the world in international rankings. .

Photo: Tibor Rosta/MTI

The government has succeeded in connecting Hungarian universities to the circulatory system of the economy, and their opportunities for cooperation and corporate relations have multiplied

Mihaly Varga noted.

The chief minister cited Ubuda University as a good example, whose financing became more secure after the paradigm change doubled the funds available for operation and development, and larger salary increases were implemented in the institution than ever before. Varga was previously the chairman of the board of trustees of the foundation that maintains Ubuda University, and he stepped down from that position in February.

According to him, the consequence of this is that in the past period, more people have obtained doctorates, the number of publications has increased several times, and the way has been opened for research and development activities, which is well illustrated by the launch of science and innovation parks.

The Minister of Finance also considers it important that many young Hungarians from across the border study at university as well.

According to Mihaly Varga, a strong country requires strong societies, and universities are the starting point for the economy.

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The results have now proven that the foundation system has made great progress in Hungarian higher education, which can serve as a model for other countries to follow.

– the minister’s thoughts concluded.

Since 2011, not so many people have applied for higher education as this year

With an increase of 34 percent compared to last year, 126,449 people applied for higher education. Among institutions, ELTE remains the most popular, and among majors, economics is the most popular.

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