The United States will undermine the protection of our online data globally

America is starting to put pressure on making data like searches on our site or content we want to pay for online more easily available.

The United States recently created an international organization called the Global Cross-Border Privacy Forum to put online data protection on a new footing. Outside the United States, some members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (such as Singapore and Japan) have joined the organization so far, but Politico writes in BrusselsThe

It’s a stated goal of making the forum truly global, with the stated goal of rewriting the rules of online privacy.

According to Politico, this could be a major concern for the European Union, as it currently has the most stringent data protection rules internationally (the European Data Protection Regulation, now widely referred to as GDPR). For this reason, Brussels has long been at odds with Washington, as it is seen across the ocean

“Too strict” European data protection regulations are an obstacle to the development of online services.

The US now wants to beat Chile and Britain for the first time, and join South America and Europe’s last, so if they become members of the forum it is clear that they will push for looser guidelines on their continent.

These include, for example, making it easier for users to pass search information to users or online content they are willing to pay for. Currently, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for example, such data cannot be released from the European Union, which has long been a sliver in the eyes of regulators in the United States.

Politico was also accepted anonymously by two senior EU officials, noting that

There is very serious US pressure by the European Commission to rethink the General Data Protection Regulation,

It is conceivable that this would not even be ineffective.

A policy statement was already signed in March by the Commission and the US government to make it easier for US companies to access European data online in the future. According to this, the deadline for the development of the micro-regulation – new – is the end of 2022.

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