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The United States will approach Vietnam under China
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The United States will approach Vietnam under China

The US leadership expects to rise two levels to the highest level in Vietnamese diplomacy after the visits of the last period – next to Moscow and Beijing.

The United States will develop its relations with Vietnam to the highest diplomatic level after its relations with China were strained. That is why US President Joe Biden will travel to the Asian country this week. On the other hand, communist-led Vietnam was initially wary of developing diplomatic ties so as not to anger Beijing.


In order to impress Hanoi, Washington has sent high-ranking politicians to the country several times in recent months. They expect to be at the diplomatic summit of Vietnam, along with Moscow and Beijing. On the other hand, Vietnam – in an effort to appease Beijing – discussed with high-ranking Chinese politicians whether Chinese President Xi Jinping or Chinese Premier Li Xiang would travel to Hanoi.

Vietnamese politicians believe that despite the risk of anger from the Chinese side, it is more appropriate now to raise US diplomatic relations to a new level. the ReutersLo Long Hep, a researcher at the Isaias Yusuf Isaac Institute in Singapore, predicts that the relationship between the two superpowers will continue to deteriorate in the future.

The United States supports Vietnam to become one of the largest semiconductor producers in the region, but recently passed legislation allowing the US Treasury Secretary to authorize investments, which limits the amount of capital and labor that can be invested in Vietnam.

At the same time, the Vietnamese leadership wants to improve its stock of Russian-made weapons, so it is negotiating with many countries, including Russia, to resolve this issue. They also discussed arms purchases with the United States, but no decision has yet been reached on this issue.

The Chinese president will not attend the G20 meeting

the BBC and the CNN It also mentioned that Chinese President Xi Jinping will not attend this year’s G20 summit in India. Instead, the country will be represented by Chinese Prime Minister Li Xiang. Earlier reports said that Xi Jinping would be present at the meeting, but this has changed, and the Chinese president will miss the G20 summit for the first time.

Joe Biden said of the Chinese president’s absence that he was disappointed that they would not meet. Relations between the two countries began to deteriorate after last year’s Indonesia conference, when a Chinese spy balloon was discovered off the coast of the United States.

China and the United States have different opinions on many issues, for example, Washington does not accept the fact that Beijing claims a large part of the South China Sea and counts democratic Taiwan with an independent government as part of it. Several high-ranking American officials have traveled to China to restore relations, with little success.

On the other hand, Xi Jinping’s decision not only badly affects US-China relations, but also Sino-Indian relations, because they are unable to decide on a border strip of approximately 3,440 km in the Himalayas.

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