The United States was not joking, the training of Ukrainian pilots has already begun

Pilots are currently being tested to determine how much time it would take to conduct real training. Soldiers undergo medical exams and can prove their skills on simulators.

according to previous agreements Ten more Ukrainian pilots will arrive in the United States by the end of March for similar tests.

And the Americans added that during the training none of the pilots will fly a real F-16, and they can only practice in simulators.

The Pentagon also emphasized this There are currently no plans to deliver the machines to Ukraine, Because it would take at least eight months to train the pilots, even if they were experienced navigators. The Ministry of Defense did not say how long it would take to train the ground crew.

If the “collective” training of Ukrainian pilots begins (according to Kaif, they can do without less than two dozen pilots at the moment), this will most likely be implemented within the framework of a long-term project, which may take years.

The cover image is an illustration of an F-16 fighter-bomber. Source: Getty Images

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