The United States suspects the Russians are attacking government systems

Euronews reported that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Russia of the largest cyberattack on the US government in recent times.

The US government has witnessed massive break-in attempts targeting federal agencies, including the Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration. The Cyber ​​Security Unit of the Office of Homeland Security acknowledged that the cyber attack and its effects are not yet fully known, but are also targeting local governments and private sector actors. USA Today On the basis of official announcements.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accuses Russia of committing the largest cyber attack on the US government in recent times, saying in a radio interview on Friday that Moscow has a “clear” hand in piracy software created by the US company SolarWinds. . EuronewsHe also quotes a politician who said, “Russia is trying to undermine the way of life that we Americans live. President Vladimir Putin is a real danger factor.”

The investigation is treated by the United States government as a state secret, and the accusation against the Russians has not been substantiated with any evidence. Russia denies any connection to the cyber attack.

Not just government hackers, but criminals are launching more and more attacks, often companies and Co-workers who work in the home office are the targets.

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