The United States supports giving up intellectual property rights to vaccines

US Commerce Secretary Catherine Tye announced to the community that the United States supports waiver of intellectual property protection for Covid-19 vaccines to stem the pandemic, and Actively participate in the World Trade Organization negotiations to achieve this.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, also welcomed the decision that would go a long way in overcoming the pandemic, but it is far from simple: The US initiative must be approved by all 164 members of the World Trade Organization. JBut the news is that both the European Union and China are positive on this issue.

(The latest news is here)

It is not a matter of charity, as it is in everyone’s common interest to return to normal life as soon as possible by vaccinating poor countries; But US pharmaceutical companies, which have invested millions of dollars in research and development of vaccines, could be a major hurdle, Because they will certainly fight to the end so that, even if an agreement is reached, the exemption will be as narrow and limited as possible. The hvg He writes: After the Americans’ announcement, it has already become clear that the shares of the company that produces the Coronavirus vaccine have begun to decline on the stock exchanges.

Patent supporters say pharmaceutical companies have already sold a lot of vaccines and will suffer fewer losses, and the patent will only be available to anyone temporarily, so manufacturers will make a profit in the coming years like It is also expected that reinforcements will be required.

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While lack of resources can also be a problem, Tai mentioned that care will be taken to obtain as much raw materials as possible needed to get to the right places; Bangladesh, for example, has already announced this Production will start immediately.

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