The United States summoned the Chinese ambassador to Washington

The United States summoned the Chinese ambassador to Washington

The US government spokesman responsible for national security issues announced Friday that the United States has summoned China’s ambassador to Washington in the diplomatic dispute over Taiwan.

John Kirby He said: That is why he was asked Qin Kang The ambassador told him that according to the US position, China “behaves in an irresponsible and provocative manner on the Taiwan issue when it responds with a show of force to the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.”

Kirby did not reveal in the briefing who received the Chinese ambassador, but stated that they “condemn the irresponsible military actions that run counter to the American aspiration to ensure long-term peace and security of the China Straits and Taiwan.”

The spokeswoman added that the ambassador had been informed that China’s show of force had raised concerns not only in Taiwan, but also in the member states of the Group of Seven and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

John Kirby also stated that the United States has a “one China policy” and that his position has not changed: he does not recognize Taiwan independence, but at the same time supports the island’s right to maintain its democratic system.


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