The United States shares with its allies information extracted from the remains of a downed Chinese spy balloon

According to the Pentagon, the Chinese program based on intelligence balloons has been going on for years.

The US Secretary of State said on Wednesday after a meeting with NATO’s secretary that the US has already shared information with dozens of partner countries about the Chinese intelligence balloon that was destroyed over US territorial waters last week, and its remains are being constantly analyzed. general in Washington.

Anthony Blinken Put it like this

“Every hour” they learn more and more about the Chinese device, and the information they extract is shared with allies around the world, as well as with the US Congress.

Jens Stoltenberg The NATO Secretary General said that this is a common Chinese practice and one must be aware of the continuing danger of Chinese intelligence activities.

Pat RyderThe Pentagon spokesperson on Wednesday also addressed the fact that the Chinese program based on intelligence balloons has been going on for years. A senior Defense Department official said US authorities are aware of four previous cases of an intelligence apparatus from China entering US airspace, and three previously, Donald Trump Led by management Joe Biden under his government.

Former Trump White House officials deny any knowledge of such cases.

According to a Pentagon spokesperson, the Chinese intelligence program affects many regions of the world, including Latin and South America, Southeast and East Asia, and Europe.

Last Saturday, the US Air Force destroyed a reconnaissance plane with a missile over the sea near the country’s east coast, South Carolina, its parts being collected and examined by military divers from a wide area. The intelligence balloon reached US airspace a week ago over Alaska and crossed the US territory in a southeast direction.

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The Chinese government called the US action an overreaction and stands by its claim that it is a civilian aircraft. On Tuesday, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman demanded that the United States hand over the remnants of the dropped device because it belongs to China.


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