The United States sent guards to Ukraine

The United States sent two guards to Ukraine to reinforce its Black Sea Fleet. A cargo ship carrying refurbished US Coast Guard patrols was already passing through the Dardanelles on Saturday, Reuters reported.

Dardanelles on the Gallipoli Peninsula. The American cargo ship and two reconstructed Coast Guard squadrons have already crossed the strait.

Photo: Ali Balakci / Anadolu Agency via Agence France-Presse

The two island-class rangers set sail for Baltimore on November 8, and may soon reach Odessa, Ukraine. The two guards are part of a more than $2.5 billion US military aid program that began in 2014 after the Russian occupation of Crimea.

The situation on the Ukrainian front has become increasingly tense in recent weeks, as the United States and NATO suspect Russia that its military has embarked on threatening operations. Ukraine recently reiterated its fears of a Russian invasion. Russia treated the troops across the Ukrainian border with the right to move troops on its territory, otherwise it would not intend to attack anyone.

Ukraine has already failed in the interests of its naval fleet during the occupation of Crimea, and since then, with the help of NATO, it has been trying to rebuild its fleet. (via Reuters)

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