The United States opens an immigration route for immigrants from three countries

Joe Biden told a White House news conference that the measure, which was introduced in the fall for Venezuelan citizens, will be extended to those from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua. Based on this, the United States undertakes for two years to accept 30,000 people from affected countries per month – on the basis of an immigration amnesty. The president called on arrivals not to attempt to cross the border illegally, but to choose the legal way to enter the United States.

“This is a successful orderly, safe and humane process,” said Joe Biden. Adding that

Anyone attempting to cross the border illegally becomes ineligible to participate in the immigration programme.

The President also announced that he will visit the Mexican border on Sunday and meet with Border Patrol leaders in the border city of El Paso, with whom he will also discuss resources for border protection. A day later, Joe Biden will attend the North American Heads of State and Government Summit in Mexico City.

The number of immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua increased the most over the past year. In November alone, more than 82,000 people were registered as illegal immigrants from four countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

The number of illegal immigrants entering the United States in the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022 rose to another all-time high, passing 2 million for the first time. The authorities recorded 2.37 million illegal border crossings on the Mexican border. The majority of arrivals into the country have been admitted on an exemption basis – after registration – based on the applicable legislation.

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Opening photo: Aleksei Nikolaev/Getty Images

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