The United States is putting pressure on Cuba

The US government imposed sanctions on senior Cuban officials who, according to the US government, committed human rights abuses during the July crackdown on protests. the BBC News He writes, the US is also studying how to make the Internet permanently available to Cubans in the island nation.

For many decades, the wave of protests that began on 11 July was the most significant in Cuba. Hundreds of people were arrested and at least one protester was killed during the protests.

Cuba blamed the protests and the country’s serious problems on the United States and its economic sanctions. On the other hand, the United States expressed its support for the Cuban people in implementing their rights. It is clear that the protesters blamed the Cuban government for the collapse of the economy, the shortage of food and medicine, the increase in prices, and the inadequate management of the coronavirus epidemic.

The sanctions announced on Thursday are in the first place Picture of Alvaro Lopez Miera Targeting the Cuban Defense Minister and members of the Interior Ministry’s special forces, blocking American accounts and stopping dealings with Americans.

Joe Biden The President of the United States stated:

This is only the beginning. The United States will continue to punish those responsible for the oppression of the Cuban people.

According to local white sources, Joe Biden could increase the number of staff at the US Embassy in Havana in the near future. Earlier this week, the White House also formed an informal working group to discuss how Cubans living abroad could send money home in a way that bypasses the Cuban government-controlled banks.

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We wrote more about the Cuban movements that began in mid-July:

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