The United States has returned to the “junk body” from which Trump left

In the 193-member General Assembly, 168 people supported the reinstatement of United States membership without a vote against it. Washington’s three-year term begins on January 1, while Russia and China’s are already this year. US President Joe Biden, who took office in January, has said that human rights are at the heart of his foreign policy and that his government is neither afraid nor refraining from criticizing China for its policies in Hong Kong, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Taiwan. criticizes Russia.

“Our goal is clear: to defend human rights defenders and raise our voice against human rights violations and abuses,” said Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US permanent representative to the United Nations in New York. US Senator Jim Risch, a senior Republican politician on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee criticized Democrat Biden’s decision, as he put it, Join the Scrap Commission.

The United States should not legitimize a body with human rights abusers like China, Venezuela, and Cuba

– What was stated in the senator’s statement. On Thursday, the General Assembly elected Kazakhstan, Gambia, Benin, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Paraguay, Honduras, Luxembourg, Finland, Montenegro and Lithuania, and re-elected Cameroon, Eritrea, Somalia and India as members of the Human Rights Council. Candidates are selected in groups belonging to a geographic unit to ensure representation for all. Members may be elected for up to two terms.

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