The United States gave Romania 14 billion dollars to build nuclear reactors

It is backed by $14 million from the US government and the US company NuScale Power

The White House announced at the G7 summit, before building small nuclear reactors in Romania I love you outlet.

White House communications confirm that building an SMR will speed the transition to “clean energy,” creating thousands of jobs, while contributing to Europe’s energy security by meeting the highest nuclear safety standards.

Photo: Imaginechina via AFP

The head of state, Klaus Iohannis, wrote on his Twitter page, welcoming the US President’s announcement of a new phase in the modular reactor program in Romania.

Energy security is one of the goals of the Romanian-US Strategic Partnership.

The first modular small nuclear reactor will be built in Doicești, Dâmbovița Province, previously announced by NOWScale and Nuclearelectrica.

The research prior to the identification of the site was also funded by the United States.

NuScale delivers carbon-neutral energy and offers a solution far below the financial outlay required to build a gigawatt nuclear power plant. Romania is one of the first countries in the world and the first in Europe to introduce new technology.

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