The United States donates $690 million to promote democracy

The Hungarian government was not invited to the conference.

The United States offered $690 million (242 billion HUF) for democracy-promoting programs around the world at the second US government-organised Democracy Summit, which was announced in Washington on the opening day of the event, MTI reported.

In the joint statement opening the virtual meeting Joe Biden President and Jun Seok Gul The South Korean President emphasized that promoting transparent and accountable governance with the consent of the governed is a fundamental necessity of our time. According to the document, since the first meeting in December 2021, the governments participating in the conference have made hundreds of commitments to change their laws and policies in order to achieve this goal.

The conference is attended by 120 global political leaders, and is organized by South Korea, Costa Rica, Zambia and the Netherlands.

President Joe Biden will speak at the virtual session of the summit late in the morning local time, in which he will participate among other things Zuzana Caputova head of state of slovakia, Volodymyr Zelensky President of Ukraine Mitt Frederiksen Danish Prime Minister W Maja Sandu President of Moldova. Early in the American morning, the German Chancellor, the British Prime Minister, the French President, the Dutch Prime Minister, and the Indian Prime Minister also spoke.

And Israel was invited to the event Benjamin Netanyahu It is represented by the Prime Minister. According to the White House, the US-Israeli political tension that has arisen in recent days has not affected the invitation. Benjamin Netanyahu and President Joe Biden made sharply opposing statements on Israeli judicial reform on Tuesday.

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On Tuesday, a White House National Security Council spokesperson responded at a news conference when asked why the United States did not send invitations to two NATO member states, Turkey and Hungary, by saying that the United States is committed to developing and strengthening relations. with Türkiye and Hungary. John Kirby He stressed that they are allies in NATO and cooperate with them on many issues. He pointed out that compared to the first conference, more countries were invited to the event this year, which showed political will to advance the goals of the summit.

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