The United States banned Russian energy imports, closed all Russian McDonald's restaurants

The United States banned Russian energy imports, closed all Russian McDonald’s restaurants

CNN reported that the European Union has outlined its plans to end its dependence on Russian energy.

The European Union said on Tuesday it would cut Russia’s gas imports by two-thirds this year and reduce Russia’s oil and gas needs “well” before 2030.

According to an EU press release, the EU plans to end its dependence on Russian gas by “diversifying gas supplies, importing higher LNG from non-Russian suppliers, increasing production and importing more bio-methane and renewable hydrogen.” The article notes that about 40 percent Of the natural gas production in the European Union depends on Russia, and 27 percent of the oil used is covered by Russian imports. Alexander Novak Russia’s deputy prime minister said on Monday that Russia may cut off gas supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in response. Olaf Schulze The German chancellor has halted the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

Ursula von der LeyenThe European Commission president said: “We need to be independent of Russian oil, coal and gas. We simply cannot rely on a resource that specifically threatens us. We need to take action now to mitigate the effects of higher energy prices, diversify our gas supply next winter and accelerate the transition to clean energy.”

my destiny simpsonThe EU Energy Commissioner said the EU has “enough gas” for the rest of the winter, but “we urgently need to replenish our reserves for next year”. The Commission will therefore propose that at least 90% of gas storage in the European Union be filled by 1 October.”

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