The United Kingdom ranks Slovakia in the green zone

Saturday August 7, 2021 – 6:33 PM

The UK will put Slovakia in the green from Sunday, so it will no longer need to be quarantined, but it will still have to pass a negative test when it enters the country. This also applies to vaccinations.


The UK will put Slovakia in the green from Sunday, so there will be no need for quarantine once it has entered the country. However, those over the age of 10 still have to show a negative coronavirus test, and this also applies to vaccines. The State Department reported this on its website.

“The UK does not restrict entry to citizens of the Slovak Republic, they are subject to the general rules in force to date (they must present a valid ID or passport). However, we still recommend travel to the UK only in urgent cases,” the wallet.

In addition, those entering the UK must complete a form (called the Passenger Locator Form). They can check in 48 hours before their planned trip.


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