The United Kingdom has concluded protection agreements with Sweden and Finland

The country’s defense minister said the UK is buying Soviet and Russian defense equipment to help Ukrainians fight Russian occupiers.

‘Wide areas [ministry of defense] They are looking for defense coordinators around the world, Wallace said in Washington.

“Sometimes we bump into the Russians and look for some resale in some countries because they leave quickly,” he said.

Russia has stockpiles of equipment in 23 countries. Wallace said.

“If you really want to get to the Ukrainians tomorrow morning,” he said, “they can keep fighting the jack, and they will find what they have been trained for, and they will find what they need.”

In Afghanistan, occupied by the Soviet Union in 1979, there may be stocks of old Soviet equipment, but Mr. Wallace suggested that not even the Russians would go there to buy weapons.

The US and UK governments sought to reassure the Bulgarian and Slovak European states, sometimes bolstering them with ex-Soviet or Russian weapons in their military presence, to provide security guarantees, or to change their regimes. If you change the settings for Ukraine, with the alternatives created by the West.

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