The unique farm is divided by a highway

He noted that even the sheep farm that bisects the M62 motorway in the north of England, linking Liverpool with Hull in Calderdale, is included in the top ten attractions of the UK’s road network. Central Oddity.

For a long time, they believed that no one knew the whole truth, so they mostly used theories and legends to guess how the Stott Hall farm, wedged between highway lanes, could survive while the surrounding estates and farms were demolished. The families living there have been displaced. The most popular theory is that the sheep ranch was left in the middle of the highway because the owners at the time, Ken and Beth Wilde, refused to sell.

However, the truth is that the owners of Stott Hall Farm were never asked to move.

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Already in the 1960s it was decided that due to the geological fault in the estate it would be more appropriate to build the road around the farm. Journalist Michael Clegg asserted in a 1983 ITV documentary that “the geological fault under the farm made it more practical for engineers to leave the farm than to demolish it”.

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The unique farm in the world was surrounded by protective barriers and fences so that animals could not escape from the farm, and vehicles could not drive on the highway. Thanks to this, the assumption that it is practically impossible to survive in the area due to road noise and environmental pollution also does not hold. On the farm, thanks to the triple-layered window panes, you can barely hear anything from the highway traffic, the only exception to this being the honks at night, but meanwhile the air on the property is surprisingly clean.

The farm is divided by a highway like no other in the world 11

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Its current owners, members of the Falkingham family, have also confirmed that they enjoy a quiet life on the farm, free from air and noise pollution, and the only drawback they see is that they are cut off from the outside world. They admitted that they sometimes feel lonely because their closest friends live half an hour’s drive away – while thousands of people pass through their homes every day.

A few years ago, the private farm was also shown in a video:

As amazing as it is, it must be admitted that the British not only have unusual solutions for highway construction, they even make a sport out of it in China. The highway that was completed in the Asian country a few years ago runs over a river, and although it could have been done on land, it was more cost-effective to build a suspension bridge – following the turn lane in the middle of the highway and the bridge built around the house, We shouldn’t be surprised at anything.

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