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The Ukrainians' weapons hit the star with surgical precision: the modern Russian gastrib was destroyed

The Ukrainians' weapons hit the star with surgical precision: the modern Russian gastrib was destroyed

Sure enough, the Russians lost their second Jastreb-AV modern electronic warfare system, the second loss of this type of advanced radar in less than a month. Just like the first time, the American-made HIMARS system hit the system. The footage also shows the destruction of a number of Russian weapons:

  • Buk-M2 air defense system
  • Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile system (this is the newest version of the Buk, the first copies entered service with the Russian Armed Forces in 2016)
  • Valuable Russian 1L259 Zoopark-1 battlefield radar system
  • The Russians also lost a 2Sz5 Giacint-Sz 152 mm artillery system.

The Jasztreb-AV is an expensive radar complex — estimated at around $250 million — that can track the trajectory of enemy projectiles. Determine the exact coordinates of artillery positions. The structured information is then delivered to the gunners so they can identify the target.

The exact technical characteristics of the system are not known, nor is the number of units available to the Russian Armed Forces. It was first presented at the Russian Arms Show held in 2022. Although it is on the Oryx blog at the moment Not listed yet The hit on the Russian side as a loss, and the current case is the second documented case.

The assault unit was subjected to the first attack at the beginning of January, after rather embarrassing events: in the morning, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced that Russian troops would receive the first Yastreb-AV, and in the afternoon footage of the launch had already been received.

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Cover image source: Getty Images

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