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The Ukrainian state turned against the Hungarian minority

The Ukrainian state turned against the Hungarian minority

Kiev prepares to end the protection of Hungarian interests in institutional Transcarpathia.

“The threatening attack launched by the Security Service of Ukraine (SZBU) on 30 November 2020 against the Transcarpathian Association of Hungarian Culture (KMKSZ) and its president, Laszlo Brinzovi, and its institutions and institutions, together with the illustrated deployment of the armed commando forces, clearly indicates that the Ukrainian state authority has decided Taking advantage of its favorable international status, the abolition of the institutional protection of the ethnic and political interests of the Hungarians in Transcarpathia. – Transcarpathian gate analysis begins.

The paper dates back to 2014, when violent attacks on organizations and representatives of the Hungarian minority increased in frequency. The author believes that the situation has become more dangerous since 2017, when the Ukrainian elections approached, anti-Hungarian Petro Poroshenko openly launched unequivocal attacks on Hungarians in Ukraine on several occasions. “With the clear help of the authorities, the personal data of hundreds of Transcarpathian Hungarians have been added to the” death list “on the extremist website Mirotvorec, while in parallel a series of official summonses of Hungarians to interrogate a secret agency were made. – The paper mentions one of the most serious issues of this period.

“There is a clear increase in pressure from the Ukrainian authorities in Transcarpathia, the spread of negative gestures, signals, disturbing actions and even discomfort aimed at destabilizing the Hungarians in Transcarpathia who are receiving Hungarian support.” – Refers to the newspaper’s 2017 statement by Foreign Minister Leventi Magyar, which he made six months before the sinister Education Act was adopted, which would harm relations between Hungary and Ukraine.

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The paper notes that Volodymyr Zelensky’s election did not change this either. It is reported that after Zelensky’s election, Oleksiy Petrov, the former general of the SZBU, the former head of the Ukrainian counterintelligence service, was appointed governor of Transcarpathia, whose former deputy Oleg Kogyuba then took over as deputy governor. The Hungarians were not the only ones to feel that this gesture meant the organization and “Ukranization” of Transcarpathia, which in many respects was considered one of the “special regions” of Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities had an unconvincing hope of breaking the position of minorities in the district’s municipalities by the expiration of the Hungarian leaders. They were also surprised by the unexpectedly good performance of the Hungarians in the local elections.

So Kiev decided to take immediate advantage of the international situation in its favor – when former Vice President Joe Biden, who had previously dealt with Ukraine, won the US presidential elections, the European Union attacks on Hungary, and the battles between Budapest and Soros, who wields very powerful influence in Ukraine. György – and with the deployment of SZBU, he launched an all-out assault on the institutions and leaders of Hungarians in Transcarpathia, almost eliminating the pillars of the well-functioning Hungarian institutional system that had been built over three decades’ The newspaper wrote confirming that most of the administrative attacks that multiplied at that time were organized by SZBU.

Regarding the attack on KMKSZ and its head, the former counterintelligence governor Petrov became involved in the controversy when, after searching the house, he distanced himself from the intelligence work in a statement published in the Ukrainian and Hungarian languages ​​on the official website of the provincial state administration. He said he did not know about them, but two days later he told the official Ukrinform news agency that authorities were preparing to suspect László Brenzovics and that he had spoken to the head of KMKSZ before inspecting the house, according to reports by the Transcarpathian Fund.

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(Zelensky Petrov was fired earlier this week, and replaced by Anatoly Polochkov, director of Château Chesai, a Peregasz-based wine company; the article in the Transcarpathian Box seen here has been written by – editor).

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