The UK will take tougher action against illegal immigrants

British Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced new plans to end the “refugee exchange” and take tougher action against illegal immigrants and human traffickers. Daily Mail Books.

The British Home Secretary will give British Border Patrol new powers to turn back illegal migrant ships.

Under the new draft, they want tougher action against illegal immigrants in Britain.Source: AP

With this enlistment, I want to alleviate the unfortunate situation in the English Channel and completely “disrupt” the British asylum system. The new draft significantly reduces the rights of immigrants who enter the country illegally. The draft also targets smuggling gangs. Penalties will be significantly tightened.

British border guards will be given new powers to stop and redirect ships of illegal immigrants out of UK territorial waters, if agreed with the French authorities. According to the new authorities of the border guards, in the future they can seize the ships of illegal immigrants and force them to leave their lives.

Migrants who enter the UK illegally can be prosecuted and sentenced to up to 4 years in prison. As a result of the new two-tier system, the rights of illegal immigrants will be greatly affected. Even if asylum is well established, the new system will only provide temporary stays of up to 30 months for those arriving illegally. Most social benefits prohibit illegal immigrants and limit opportunities for family reunification. The UK Home Office will now charge lawyers who make desperate immigration applications a fee.

Furthermore, negotiations are underway to ensure that asylum seekers, as in Danish and Australian law, wait for their asylum application to be processed in another country.
The reform of the asylum system emerged after border guards caught 221 illegal immigrants on Sunday trying to approach the island country in small boats. So far this year, 6,600 illegal immigrants have been arrested for their lives, while last year 8,400 people tried to enter France and the UK illegally by boat.

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